On 25 June, The Connect Hub hosted the Around The World Event as part of Refugee Week. The event catered to everyone from vulnerable communities and featured a variety of activities, including carrom, face painting, henna, video games, audiology checks, health checks, archery, a music station, football, and more.

The event was held at Blackburn Central High School, which graciously provided the venue. In addition to hosting the event, Blackburn Central High School made an appearance to engage with attendees.

The Around The World Event was a true celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Everyone was welcome, and the event featured a variety of fun activities for all ages. Attendees were able to engage with each other, try new things, and learn more about different cultures.

One of the highlights of the event was the special visits from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and the Police. These visits provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the work of these important services and ask any questions they might have.

In addition to the fun and games, the event also offered valuable health services, including audiology and health checks. These services are particularly important for vulnerable communities, who may face additional barriers to accessing healthcare.

Overall, the Around The World Event was a huge success. The Connect Hub volunteers can be proud of the work they did to create such a welcoming and inclusive space for vulnerable communities. The event was a true celebration of diversity, and it brought people from different backgrounds together in a spirit of fun, friendship, and mutual respect.

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